How Much Do You Charge

Typically the first question a prospective customer asks is “how much do you charge?” or “what is your rate?”   To both questions the answer is I DON’T KNOW !!!

Would you buy a car or even a hamburger without knowing the price up front?

When a bookkeeper charges an hourly rate, the risk is placed on the customer. If too much time is spent completing your work you pay more!   There’s no incentive to be more efficient or proficient. In fact it’s the opposite. The longer it takes to do the work or the more it can be dragged out, the higher the cost to the customer. There’s something inherently wrong with this.

At GAIN CONTROL we don’t charge an hourly rate. We feel it’s more important for you to know what your total cost will be. Our simple monthly pricing places the risk where it belongs — on us the professionals. If a project takes longer to complete than was estimated we incur the loss. The onus is on us to get your results to you within the turnaround time promised – it’s that simple.